Nicosia’s Mini Buses

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Nicosia mini buses expand its routes in order to offer a transportation service which connects University of Nicosia and European University of Cyprus, with the city center.

Nicosia Municipality is pioneered with the circulation of Nicosia's mini buses. The circulation of Mini Buses is one of the important provisions of the Integrated Mobility Plan of the capital, which has been drafted by the Department of Public Works of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works. The basic aim of the routing of Mini Buses is to decongest the Historic Center from private vehicles. Promoting at the same time another basic alternative.

The Mini Buses circulate Nicosia's center by uniting the region withing walls with the modern urban center from morning till late in the eventing. Mini Buses make frequent round trips, passing through all of the city's points of interest, with a very attractive schedule, covering the needs of young people, workers and citizens of all ages.

Mini Buses are small, versatile and hi-tech: they provide convenient mobility, they offer a range of next generation services, a real-time bus tracking website and bicycle transport area.

With capacity of 21 passengers, 13 seated and 8 standing, Mini Buses also offer additional seats for people in nedd, as well as a ramp to serve people with physical disabilities.

It is a modern service offered by the Municipality of Nicosia to all citizens and visitors of the city.

Park your car in a private or public parking, and get on a Mini Bus!

With the cooperation and support of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works
Bus fleet sponsor: Nicosia Green Line Rejuvenation Programme

Easy routes: Mini Buses have two routes λ1, blue, and λ2 green.

Easy, many distinct stops. Each stop has its own name referencing the road or a point of interest.

Easy use by every citizen (residents, workers, young people, elderly people, people with mobility difficulties, etc.).

They make short commutes from morning till night. From 07:30 AM in the morning until midnight (11:50 PM).

They are running their schedule from their starting point (at Vasileos Pavlou street, next to the old GSP) every 20 minutes.

They are small and flexible.

They are air-conditioned for the warm summer season and heated for the winter months.

Suitable for a quick transfer to the Historic City center.

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